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1.    Can I make a payment online?

Yes, you can visit, click on make a payment, and register using your new account number. Credit/Debit cards have a 2.95% of the payment amount plus $2.95 ACH fee and checking accounts have a $2.95 fee. Only balances can be viewed online, if you need an account statement, please contact our office.

Please note if you have not registered before to make an online payment, you will need your account number in order to register. If you need your account number, please reach out to our office at 703-707-6404.

NOTE: Online payments cannot be made the last 3 business days of the month.

2.    Can I have my payments deducted automatically from my bank via electronic funds transfer?


Yes, simply fill out the authorization form, attach a voided check from your bank account, and return to us so we can set up your account for automatic debit.  Please allow 10 business days for processing. Please e-mail for a the auto-debit form.
3.    Where are the offices for Capitol Property Management located?

       Our offices are located at:             

       3914 Centreville Road, Suite 300
       Chantilly, VA 20151
       Telephone number:                 703.707.6404
       Fax number:                             703.707.6401

4.    I am selling my home/condo where can I order a resale package?

       Please visit to request a resale package.          


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