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Full Service Community Association Management

Capitol Property Management has serviced the Northern Virginia area for more than 20 years. With an experienced team of HOA management professionals, we are committed to providing the best management and financial services. Our approach is simple - we are here to serve your community and bring value to your community.
Capitol will assign a property manager to oversee your property with approval by the Board if desired.  He/she will be your connection to all the services provided by Capitol.  The property manager’s duties fall into several categories:  financial management, contract and contractor management, administration/communication, and property maintenance. 
The experienced property manager assigned to your community will oversee the overall operations and maintenance of your building.   Your property manager will closely oversee all on-site staff and will act as your connection with Capitol Property Management and the services we offer.  He/she will work hard to ensure that your property receives top quality service.  Among the many duties of your property manager, are meeting attendance, property inspections, on-site staff management, contract management, budget preparations, and effective communications.
Administrative &
Management Support:
  • Initial Set-Up/Transition
  • Monthly/Quarterly Board Meetings Attendance
  • Annual Meetings & Organizational Meetings
  • Bids and Quotations/Contracting Services
  • Homeowners Communication
  • Correspondence
  • Homeowner/Resident Mailings
  • Architectural Review 
  • Violation Administration
  • Maintenance Administrative Support
  • Parking Enforcement and Vehicle Towing
  • Policy and Legal Guidance
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Resale Disclosure Packet Preparation
Monthly/Quarterly Financial Reports
Detailed Management Report, Balance Sheet, Income and Expense Statement, Budget Performance, Collection Report, Check Book Register, Bank Account Reconciliation
Budget Planning
Accounts Receivable and Collections
Accounts Payable
Bank Accounts/Account Signatures
Check Writing/Deposits/Disbursements
Audit/Income Tax Preparation
Reserve Study Analysis

Capitol Property Management is committed to the enhancement and protection of the quality of life in your community.  We believe that the properties and associations we serve are comprised of individuals interested in the protection and enhancement of their most personal possessions – their homes.  We also believe that a well-managed property not only ensures a sense of pride, but is a sound business investment for the project.  With the full range of services, we offer, Capitol Property Management is able to tailor a management plan to meet the specific needs of your building. 

Perform Property & Site Inspections
(Frequent site visits to oversee on-site staff, check and log maintenance issues, verify compliance of contractors and to document any violation of the covenants by the association members.)
Parking Enforcement/Towing
Architectural Review
24-Hour Emergency Service
Contract Management
 (Maintain current contracts, solicit bids when requested by the Board, review and approve, and maintain certificate of insurance.)

Not looking for

full-service community management?

We offer a tailored financial/accounting service.

Which include services such as:

Monthly Financial Reports

(Including Balance sheet, Income/Expense Statement, Disbursement Listing, Delinquency Report, Prepay Report, Management Report, Bank Statements, Copies of Paid Invoices)

Bank Deposits

Fund Disbursements

Resale Packages


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